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  • Stellas-Crete-Single – $1,180.00
  • Stellas-Crete-Double – $995.00

Date & Time Details: June 21, arrive at Kato Zakros on Crete. Depart June 27.

Location: Stella's Traditional Studio

Address: Kato Zakros 72300, Sitia, Eastern Crete

Trishna Horvath

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Yoga Adventure in Greece

With Trishna Horvath

June 21 - 27, 2018

Yoga, Nature, History, and Culture.
 Join Trishna in Kato Zakros, on the eastern side of Crete for daily Yoga, exploration of ancient Minoan ruins, fabulous beaches and swimming, evening meals at the village tavernas, a cooking class, and lessons in Greek folk dance with our host Stella Ailamaki.

Stella and her husband Elias Pagiannides created ‘Stella’s Traditional Apartments’ ten years ago. They offer accommodation that allows for self-catering and keep each studio stocked with the local specialty foods which are the pride of the region. Kato Zakros is renowned for a number of things, two of which are olive oil, and thyme honey. Kato Zakros is rather off the beaten path, a village of 800 people, very lightly touched by the tourism that primarily comes for the 4000 year old Minoan ruins, and the remote and rugged natural beauty of eastern Crete with it’s gorges, caves, history, olive orchards, and lovely, quiet beaches.

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Being Yoga with Trishna is authentic Yoga with a strong flow element.

Subtle classical practices with breath and meditation are combined with some innovative approaches for a deeply
nourishing and revitalizing experience. Steady practice on retreat is conducive to self-discovery, self-reflection, and personal transformation. Classes will be held outdoors, in the sanctuary of the shady lawns and courtyards of our home base.

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During our six days of retreat, along with a daily yoga practice, we will have the guidance of Stella Ailamaki in traditional Cretan Dance! Another group event is a cooking lesson and meal afterwards with one of the local chefs, in traditional local cuisine. There will be plenty of free time to explore the easily accessible historic ruins, local orchards, and the rugged natural beauty that the village of Kato Zakros is nestled in. There is a beach just a short walk away, and other beach options a short drive away.

Our home on Crete is a selection of ‘studios’ set in a quiet, gardened compound, which is a ten-minute walk to the beach. It is adjacent to the Minoan ruins and there are good walks right out the door.
Studios can be occupied singly or shared, either in one queen-sized bed or with two twins. Each studio comes with a private bathroom and a kitchenette which will have all that is needed for classic Greek breakfast fare.


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As Inner Adventure Travel is new to this location, we have decided to go with the typical way that Stella’s hosts people, which is to offer a well-stocked kitchenette and to guide people to the local tavernas and markets for their meals outside of the compound.

There is a common outdoor kitchen as well, where we might try our hand at traditional meal preparation together.

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Travel to this location is an adventure in itself and will take some pre-coordination. Please feel free to contact Trishna with any questions.

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Trishna Horvath
Trishna Horvath traveled to Bali in 1987 (at age 20) to study mask dance with I.B. Anom. She was inspired to share the experience of immersion in a culture through the study of a specific art, and returned in less than a year with a group of ten students participating in a three week immersion. Since then, periodically she has created traditional arts immersions, and in recent years has rededicated her attention to that. She has a passion for discovering the ‘yoga’ or integrating force in dance, music, and art, and as well the intrinsic artistry in the life discipline of…
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