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Yoga Retreats and  Cultural Arts Immersions

Arriving in a foreign setting, whether it be a bend in the Mekong River, or a valley in the High Sierra, can be deeply refreshing to our sense of self and reality. The study of authentic yoga, meditation, traditional arts, and dance, can support that internally.
Inner Adventure Travel are projects born from Trishna’s passion for exploration of the interrelationship between traditional practices, arts, dance, culture, people, mythologies, the potency implied in symbolism that spans geographic regions and time, and as ever, the essential yoga in all of that.

Here are opportunities to travel, study with master teachers, share practice, connect with local communities, and stimulate artistry in your own life.
Inner Adventurers may have a passion for art, dance and philosophy, and likely have a sense of care that tradtional arts and practices be sustained in modern times, both for their historic/cultural value and for the keys they can provide toward furthering our developement as creative and compassionate people.

Yoga Retreats: A defining feature of a yoga retreat is the dedication to practice which is conducive to self discovery, self reflection, and personal transformation. We remove ourselves from the actions and reactions of day to day life. We enter an environment which, by providing for our needs and being most often of great natural beauty, supports and inspires each participant to unfold themselves further, to heal, to let life change, to remember what matters.

Sierra Hot Springs, California

With Trishna Horvath

January 2 - 5, 2018
Sierra Hot Springs
Join this Winter retreat to feel yourself replenished and nurtured in nature and with authentic practice.

Bali Charya

With Trishna Horvath

April 1 - 9, 2018
Abian Ayu Villas, Bali and Manohara Resort, Java
Hatha Yoga and Mudra Dance Meditation in Eastern Bali and Central Java April 1-9, 2018 This yoga retreat in Bali and Borobudur is unique, and amazing. The venues are lovely and the yoga practices are deeply refreshing for mind, body and soul! We start on the slope of the sacred mountain Gunung Agung in Bali, […]

Yoga Adventure in Greece

With Trishna Horvath

June 21 - 27, 2018
Stella's Traditional Studio
Yoga, Nature, History, and Culture.  Join Trishna in Kato Zakros, on the eastern side of Crete for daily authentic yoga, exploration of ancient Minoan ruins, fabulous beaches and swimming, evening meals at the village tavernas, a cooking class, and lessons in local folk dances with our host Stella Ailamaki. Being Yoga with Trishna is authentic […]



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