Private Instruction

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I am happy to offer this in the San Francisco Bay Area, and wherever I may be around retreat dates!

Personalized Sessions

These can be helpful if you need special attention because of physical conditions, or to receive individual guidance to discover more precisely just where your work is. Private sessions can be used as a way  to familiarize yourself with my style of teaching and to support and enrich your practice.
I am happy to help you explore the benefits of yoga in a healing/therapeutic mode  or a dynamic/strengthening mode.

We can arrange a single class or an ongoing practice schedule.

Single class (1 – 1.5 hours)     $100.00 – $135.00

Book four classes or more at    $80. per 1 hour class     $320.00
Book four or more classes at $110. per 1.5 hour class   $ 440.00
(Booking means setting dates and prepaying for at least four classes).

Note: Up to four people can participate in ongoing ‘small group‘ sessions at these rates, which can help make practicing more affordable and more enjoyable, being shared with friends.


If a  group of people would like to practice together regularly, we can schedule, daily, weekly, or monthly classes.
Ideas: Family Yoga, Workplace Yoga, Classroom Yoga, After school Yoga, and other groups!


Special Occasions

You may want to have Yoga be part of your birthday weekend, a centering practice before your wedding party, or a connecting force for your group retreat. Fee starts at 250.00

~please note: prices may vary based on my drive time and whether or not there is an extra cost for space rental.

Thai Massage

Trained in Traditional Thai Massage with both the Sunshine Network, founded by Asokananda (Harold Braust) and with Thai Master, Pichet Boonthume, I have been offering sessions in this bodywork since 1998. It is a combination of effortless yoga and full-body acupressure.
Please contact Trishna for arrangements.

#1: Schedule your session by contacting Trishna via email .

#2: Send payment via post, address will be given when appointment is made.

#3: If paying for above listed offerings via Paypal, choose the link below and fill in the agreed upon amount, plus 4% rounded up to the nearest dollar, as that is approximately what they charge me. Thank you!

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