Being Yoga

Yoga classes and Private Instruction in the
San Francisco Bay Area, California



The word ‘practice’ means something like ‘ the practical application of an idea or structure, with consistency.’ This is true, but for me the experience almost always feels like an adventure, too. Like an exploration. Whether I am on my own, taking a class, or teaching. My hope is that I and we will remain inquisitive, interested, and passionate in the laboratory of practice.


Class Descriptions:

Hatha Flow: Emphasis on breath and awareness. Dynamic Vinyasa built around the Classical Sun Salutations. Asana (held poses) offered with gradations of challenge. Pranayama (breath technique). Mantra, meditation, and philosophy are woven into this practice.

Gentle Hatha: Meditative practice. Gentle Vinyasa with slower transitions. Warming into basic Asana.

Healing Yoga: Especially for people recovering from illness or injury. Mind-body-life awareness meditations in a very gentle yoga practice. Tailored to the student(s).

Intensives: Esoteric/Spiritual/Psychical approaches are explored practically. Offered to ongoing students only.


A Testimonial:
I have practiced with Trishna for over seven years. Her practice is unified with her life and she teaches yoga as a way of life, not an aspect of life. She is skilled in the art of describing an asana as she demonstrates it, and makes it clear that the guidance is hers, but the practice is yours. She does not often make adjustments, but when she does, they are subtle yet powerful. She is very safety oriented, constantly urging her students to modify the poses to the limits of their abilities, rather than pushing their bodies to the limits of the poses. ‘Energy without tension, activity without stress’ is her watch word. Finally, her practice is taken directly from sanskrit sutras and as such is a meditative, spiritual practice. Her shavasana, in particular, is a very moving experience. If you are seeking traditional sutra based hatha yoga asanas and vigorous vinyasa, you will find it in Trishna’s practice. ~ Max Brimhall