Being Yoga

Yoga classes and Private Instruction in the Bay Area
(San Francisco and West Marin County, CA)

Being Yoga with Trishna. 
Practical. Radical. Fun.


The word ‘practice’ means something like ‘ the practical application of an idea or structure, with consistency.’ This is true, but for me the experience almost always feels like an adventure, too. Like an exploration. Whether I am on my own, taking a class, or teaching. My hope is that I and we will remain inquisitive, interested, and passionate in the laboratory of practice.


Class Descriptions:

Hatha Flow: Emphasis on breath and awareness. Dynamic Vinyasa built around the Classical Sun Salutations. Asana (held poses) offered with gradations of challenge. Pranayama (breath technique). Mantra, meditation, and philosophy are woven into this practice.

Gentle Hatha: Meditative practice. Gentle Vinyasa with slower transitions. Warming into basic Asana.

Healing Yoga: Especially for people recovering from illness or injury. Mind-body-life awareness meditations in a very gentle yoga practice. Tailored to the student(s).

Intensives: Esoteric/Spiritual/Psychical approaches are explored practically. Offered to ongoing students only.


Buddhist Dance Meditation:

Charya Nritya is a Buddhist Dance Meditation of the Newar People of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. Trishna offers support for the basic sadhana (practice). Meditation, simple ritual, dance technique, refuge and offering dances and their songs, and deity songs. This is offered to anyone (no experience necessary) as an introduction to Charya Nritya, and as support for people who have had empowerment in this tradition.Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya, lineage holder and master of this form, resides in Portland Oregon. He teaches and offers performances frequently in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Trishna offers this sadhana support at his request.