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Hatha Yoga and Mudra Dance Meditation in Eastern Bali and Central Java
October 6-14, 2017

This yoga retreat in Bali and Borobudur is unique, and amazing. The venues are lovely and the yoga practices are deeply refreshing for mind, body and soul! We start on the slope of the sacred mountain Gunung Agung in Bali, and finish at the ancient Buddhist Stupa of Borobudur in Java.

Trishna is particularly excited and inspired to offer the opportunity to practice both Hatha Yoga and the Nepalese dance meditation form called Charya Nritya in Bali and at the ancient Buddhist Stupa Borobudur in Central Java.  
Yoga, Charya Nritya, and the Balinese religious culture which is linked historically to Central Java and Borobodur all share the same Tantric roots.

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Daily Yoga

Our Hatha Flow Yoga, for two+ hours each day, is dynamic and intelligent. Through well-rounded classes which include pranayama (practices with energy via breath technique), Vinyasa (a vitalizing sun salutation practice), Asana (meditations in held poses) and other subtle works we will dedicate to sustaining energy and awareness in our lives.

Trishna has been evolving and teaching ‘Being Yoga’ for 18 years and enjoys nothing more than sharing and supporting the discovery of the self as yoga.  She will invite us to view our practice through the lens of tantra, awake to the internal dance of elemental qualities, cognizant of everything that arises as the teaching.

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We will also explore the idea of ‘Dharma in the Body’ by studying and practicing Charya Nritya, a Buddhist dance meditation, each day. This will be a very ‘site-relevant’ yoga, especially when we are at Borobudur!

This practice includes a meditation sadhana that purifies and awakens the chakras, senses, and channels in the body. We will also work with Mudra (gesture), Mantra (songs, in Sanskrit), and movement. Our Charya Practice will involve warm ups and mudra dances which are subtle and powerful, but not strenuous.

Free Time
Our itinerary during our time in Bali gives some space for rest, personal reflection, journaling, poolside lounging, rice field walking and connecting with each other between the morning and the late afternoon sessions.
In Java we are a bit more scheduled, and still there will be some free time to explore Borobudur on your own, browse the library at Manohara, or simply rest.




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In Bali

At Sideman village, in the lush and fertile rice growing region of eastern Bali, we will stay at the lovely Abian Ayu Villas. There is a beautiful pool and garden, massage practitioners on site, a cafe, and views to the sacred mountain Gunung Agung.

Accommodation is available for single or double occupancy. There is also one family bungalow which can sleep three or four people. Generous breakfasts and family style dinners are provided for us, and other meals and snacks are available at the cafe. The largest bungalow is converted into a yoga shala for our group.

Besakih, the Mother Temple in the Balinese Religion, is close by. Our group will visit there. (Trishna will inquire as to whether there are any temple celebrations scheduled before determining which day. If we can arrange to be there on a celebration day, we will!)

Sideman is known for it’s natural beauty, textile arts, and views to Gunung Agung, the great volcano which in Balinese cosmology is said to be the center of the universe.


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In Java
Manohara Resort is the only accommodation right on the grounds of the great stupa which makes it a perfect place for our group. As guests at Manohara, access to the great stupa is available to us during all of its open hours.

Rooms at Manohara are single or double, all with air conditioning. The breakfast buffet and family style dinners at the restaurant at Manohara are fantastic. There is a dedicated meditation room on the grounds of the resort which is available to our group for Yoga and Charya classes.

We will visit Borobudur together, both to offer the Charya practice in circumambulation for those who would like to, and to enjoy a pre-dawn walk there so as to be at the top of the shrine at sunrise. We will also take a day to visit other ancient sacred sites in the area which were thought to be part of the pilgrim’s path to Borobudur in ancient times.

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Borobudur was founded around 800 CE. at the peak of the reign of the Sailendra dynasty in Java. At that time Buddhism was thriving there. Hindu and Buddhist cultures are thought to have co-existed harmoniously. The exact timing and reason for it remains a mystery, but sometime between the 10th and 15th century Borobudur was abandoned. For hundreds of years it lay forgotten under volcanic ash and jungle growth. In 1814 it was rediscovered and over the next two hundred years, excavated and renovated. It is the largest and thought to be one of the greatest Buddhist monuments ever built. One of the eight wonders of the world.
Relief panels on the stupa depict the Mahayana/Vajrayana iconography of the Five Buddha Families. For those interested in the potency of ancient symbolic art, and the jewels abounding in Buddhic Dharma, this is a phenomenal pilgrimage site.

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Charya Nritya was protected and held for hundreds of years by the Newar Vajracharya clan of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. Just in the last two generations has it been made available to study and practice for people outside of that caste.
The subtle yoga of this form can provide a unique view  and experience of Buddhist Dharma.
The Charya practice will include meditation, visualization, mantra, mudra, song, and dance.
Some texts will be provided, as well as practice sheets.

On this trip you may enjoy the support of a vital daily yoga, time each day for Charya practice,  the support of Trishna and fellow pilgrims, as well as the opportunity to offer the practice at the Great Stupa of Borobudur.

Trishna is a lifelong dancer, yoga teacher and student of Sanskrit. She will guide a purifying meditation sadhana and share preliminary songs and dances and hopes the insights she has as a result of her ongoing inquiry are helpful.
She has been involved in the study of Charya Practices for 13 years in a dedicated way and was requested to introduce and support the practice by Prajwal Vajracharya.




The flight from Denpasar on Bali, to Jogjakarta on Java is not included in the cost of the retreat but Trishna’s help on purchasing that and getting us all on the same plane is included! *(The cost is generally $40. one way and we hope to all get on the same flight. We  cannot be sure of that price though, and some may sign on later and have to catch a different flight, so we cannot include that travel in the cost).
Trishna is happy to help with travel arrangements.
Transportation from the airport in Yogyakarta to Manohara Resort will be arranged for you.
A full list of what to bring as well as a file with articles and graphs pertaining to this adventure and practices will be sent upon registration.
Please confirm with Trishna before purchasing your ticket to Indonesia!


Cost for double occupancy per person:
$1250. if paid in full by August 31.
$1350. if paid between September 1 and September 30.
$1550. if paid after September 30.
Cost for single occupancy:
$1525.  if paid in full by August 31.
$1625.   if paid between September 1 and September 30.
$1725.  if paid after September 30.
(A deposit of $600. holds your spot).
Refund policy:
If you must cancel your reservation before August 31 you will receive a ful refund.
September 1-15 there is a cancellation fee of  $500.
September 16-30 there is a cancellation fee of $650.
October 1-5 there is a cancellation fee of $800.
After Otober 6, there is no refund given.



Included in the cost of this adventure: All accommodation, all breakfasts, all dinners, all instruction and guidance with Trishna. Ground transportation relevant to group outings and activities. Entry fees at all sites visited.
Not included in the cost: Air travel, travel insurance, transportation to Sideman on Ocober 6th or leaving Manohara on October 14th (although shared rides can be arranged depending on people’s schedules), meals other than breakfasts and dinners, tips, other personal and incidental expenses.
Note about the cost: Trishna offers support in Charya  study and practice without request for payment. The cost of this retreat has to do with the actual expenses involved, and Trishna’s livelihood as a Hatha Yoga teacher.

Use the link below to send your deposit or contact Trishna to arrange payment.
Full payment can be arraged once your place is confirmed by deposit and registration.

Please note: When paying online with Paypal, we have added 4% to the total cost, as that is approximately what Paypal charges for these transactions. The options available on the ‘Buy Now’ button are inclusive of that 4% increase.

Dharma in the Body, Indonesia

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